Back Posture Corrector Belt

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Brings Your Shoulders Back into Alignment

Good posture is an essential part of well-being! If you live with poor posture, rounded shoulders, or if you are weak, our posture corrector is a must. It is designed to adapt to both female and male body shapes.

It anchors in your upper back and brings your shoulders back into alignment, relieving the pressure on your neck. It is extremely useful for those who are bent over a desk at work and is also ideal for players and even athletes with rounded shoulders due to muscle imbalances.

Maintains alignment and straightening of your back

It supports all the support zones allowing the alignment and straightening of your back. You will never have a bad posture again and you will always stand straight. This posture corrector adapts to any morphology and sticks to the body. It hugs your body perfectly, making it impossible to see it.

Principle of posture corrector

With this corrector, your back will keep straight on its own and you will gradually learn to keep an aesthetic and ergonomic position. The principle of posture corrector is simple. Its set of straps and fabrics will adapt perfectly to your back, your shoulders, and your arms.

Easy to use

You just have to adjust it by pulling on the straps so that the forces exerted keep your back perfectly straight. You will then almost immediately reduce the various back pains, nape of the shoulder and neck.


  • Adjustable
  • Reduce back and neck pain 
  • Made of polyester, nylon, and cotton 
  • Padded for better comfort

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