Electric Pet Grooming Comb

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Electrical Grooming Comb Remove Knots and Tangles

  • Gentle care of your pet's hair and keep your pet well-groomed , and will not hurt the pet. Mediately eliminate nodules and tangles. Try to massage him/her before turning it on to remove hair. A pet grooming tool that safely combs and cuts tangles.
  • grooming tool gently massages your dog or cat while keeping the blades safely away from the skin. For animal lovers, pets are the most indispensable part of life. Pet owning gives us leisure time and stress-reducing. Pets are also becoming friends or members of every family. However, if you own a cat or dog, you'll know how frustrated we are with pet hair removal. Our cats or dogs leave hair everywhere: floors, sofas, carpets, clothes, car seats, or even our beds. For pet hair dealing, we would like to recommend you a hair removal tool which helps you keep your house clean quickly and easily
    • Charactricts

    • safe
    • Comfortable and strong
    • Beauty tools for dogs and cats
    • Suitable for long-haired dog and cat breeds.
    • Replace old brushes, trimmers, and consumables with a moving tool.
    • Make your pet's hair more beautiful with a built-in rotating blade.
    • The electric pet grooming comb is the ultimate pet product for pets to fall off.

    • Pet Comb is a simple and quick grooming tool to keep your pet fur maintained


    • Type: Dogs
    • Material: Plastic
    • Model Number: CWST01
    • Type: Dogs
    • Function: brush removes pet hairs
    • Pet Grooming Cleaning Supplies: yes
    • Feature: Electric Dog Brush
    • style: Automatic Tools

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