Electronic Pest Control Cleaning Comb

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The anti-parasite cleaning comb for pets is both practical and effective! 

Do you want to effectively get rid of parasites that annoy your dog or cat?  Are you looking for a way to clean your pets without using chemicals?

Ticks and fleas make animals sick. In fact, they are responsible for 60% of diseases in pets. They can even transmit diseases that affect humans. The classic way to get rid of small animals that live in their hair is to use a shampoo or spray, but the downside is that these chemicals are sometimes harmful to animals and the environment. In addition, their effectiveness is always mixed, not to mention that when the parasites return, it is still necessary to buy new products 


Innovative design 

This revolutionary device has been specially designed to combat the invasion of fleas, ticks, and other parasites.  It will instantly eliminate all in its path in a simple and effective way without any danger for your animal.  It works perfectly on all types of hair, dogs, or cats, without damaging them and safely.

The device, as light and compact as a mower, sends an electrical signal that kills ticks and fleas in a few passes. In this way, no chemical substances harmful to the environment will touch your pet during cleaning. And what's more, you can reuse it later without having to make another purchase.

Totally harmless to pets 

With the anti-parasite comb for pets, you use an efficient device without using harmful products. This helps to deworm small puppies and kittens safely. In addition, you give your friend a well-groomed look and well-arranged hair. There is one mode for styling and another for ejecting dead insects.

Ergonomic design

The design of the pet parasite cleaning comb is with an ergonomic design. The handle is easy to grip and the operation buttons are at your fingertips. And that's not all! Because the device is waterproof, which allows your animal to be styled as soon as it comes out of the wash. 


  • Easy to use
  • the best green solution for pet
  • SAFE & SIMPLE  Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals, Sprays, or Traps that Can Potentially Harm Your Family, Pets.


  • Type: Dogs 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Model Number: Pet Anti Flea Product 
  • Type 1: lice comb 
  • Name: Electric flea comb 
  • Application 1: flea doctor 
  • Feature: electric comb anti-lice 
  • Application 2: Pet grooming 
  • Type 2: dog comb 
  • Type 3: dog brush





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