Pet Automatic Food Water Feeder

$64.44 $128.88

Suitable for Dogs and Cats

Like humans,  animals also need to eat to stay fit and to continue living. Do you have to be away from home for a few hours? No one will be able to give your dog food and drink? Why not use this automatic kibble and water dispenser? Your dog can continue to eat kibble and drink water as needed even without your presence.

Dry food dispensers

Practical and easy to install, the kibble & water dispenser will be of great use to feed your dog without necessarily being present on the premises. With a large capacity, it can provide up to 3.8 L of water and kibble. Made of transparent plastic, this device allows you to see the level of kibble and then easily reload it. For your convenience, you are advised to buy two models of kibble vending machine, one for kibble and one for water. You can also use it to feed your cat or other four-legged animals.

Automatic charger

Adopt a natural gravity feed system, no electricity required, Eco-friendly, and can be used anywhere.

Big capacity

the capacity of 3.8 L / 1 gal can last approximately 7 days for small pets; so you can be sure to go on vacation, work, party, don't worry, the animals will be hungry.

High-quality material

Made of food-grade plastic, safe and ecological smell, non-toxic and strange. The bottom is covered with a non-slip base for stability and durability.

Easy to clean

The barrel and the chassis of the vending machine can be divided, you can rinse them directly with water, it is recommended to wash them once a week.

Easy to use

Open the lid on top of the containers to add food. The drinker can be removed directly from the non-slip base, filled with water, and then attached to the base.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Max Output: 500g
  • Time Setting: No
  • Power Source: gravity
  • Min Output: 100g
  • LCD Display: No
  • number: Pet-222
  • type: Automatic pet food dispenser, large capacity dog cat feeder

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