Super Fix Strong Waterproof Stop Leak Seal Repair Tape

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Color: White

Allows You to Effectively and Quickly Seal any Leak by Stopping the Flow of Water at Its Source

152x10cm Super Strong Fiber Waterproof Tape Stop Leaks Seal Repair ...


  • Waterproof Adhesive Tape: Multipurpose Adhesive Waterproof Tape is the perfect solution for the exterior and interior waterproofing needs that these are roofs and gutters that leak to shelters, garages, swimming pools, and other water tanks.  You will no longer need to empty your pool to repair leaks. 


1.5M Super Fix Strong Waterproof Stop Leak Seal Repair Insulating ...

  • Resistance to the Most Extreme Conditions: Multi-purpose Waterproof Adhesive Tape is designed to handle difficult weather conditions all year round, from cold rain to the sweltering heat of the sun. Resistant to mold, smoke. The adhesive tape is ideal for home repairs, water sports equipment, outdoor and camping equipment, automotive and mechanical equipment, industrial and agricultural equipment.

  • Multi Layers: Made in two layers, a thick and rubberized first part, able to resist UV and frost, serve as protection against bad weather and extreme stresses. The second part, the lower part, and a ribbon of glue based on sap and tree resin for a super powerful and natural glue

Usage tips

  • Clean the surface of the desired place and keep it clean. It is recommended to use alcohol to clean the surface.
  • Remove the clear plastic protective surface to reveal the sticky gray edges of the tape.
  • Firmly attach the adhesive tape to the leak, applying as much pressure as possible so that the repair can continue over time.


  • Suitable: hot / cold / wet / dry / underwater
  • Temperature resistant: from -21 ℃ to 93 ℃
  • UV resistant, environment friendly and VOC free
  • Size: 10 x 152 cm

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